Identify your wants, likes, and needs for your new Kitchen.

You can start with magazines photo cut-outs and note what you like about the kitchen (finish, feature, hardware, door style, configuration…).  Check out our internet links and gallery for additional ideas.

Schedule a visit to our showroom.

Come and see our products first hand.  Browse our fine quality cabinetry and countertop displays and the many beautiful door style and finishing samples.  Touch it and open doors, drawers, different types of pull-outs, Lazy Susans, blind corner swing-outs, roll-out shelves and drawers, pot and pan drawers, cutlery and tray dividers, brad box, Mixer lift, and our amazing ‘James Bond Pantry’.  Notice our crisp white task accent and ambient lighting.

Select your appliances, sink, plumbing fixtures, and cabinet hardware.

We’ll give you some guidance, but the ultimately the choice is yours.  Keep a real or electronic folder with your appliances choices.  The exact specifications of your appliances will be extremely important in the final design of your kitchen.

Consider how you would like the kitchen to be lit.

Subtle changes in the lighting of your kitchen can turn a beautiful kitchen into a truly exceptional living space.  Unlike illuminating any other room in the house, illuminating your kitchen with a proper amount of ambient, task and accent lighting is far from simple.

If you need dimensional drawings to indicate the precise position of each and every lighting fixture in your kitchen we can offer you Kitchen Lighting Design Service.  This careful process produces a great look that shows your kitchen off at its best.  Arbitrarily pointing with your finger to your electrician to put one light here and one light there, does not produce the same results as a strategic positioning to achieve the proper illumination, light-wash effects, and the maximum refraction index on all the design elements in your kitchen.

New Construction.

If you are building a new home, come and see us as soon as you have the very first floor plan from your architect or designer (not even dimension lines are necessary), we will work on your kitchen design, to make their job easier.  We can provide your architect or home builder with an AutoCad drawing of your kitchen that can be easily pasted into construction documents.  Planning ahead will save you from having to relocate plumbing, electrical, HVAC, doors, walls, windows, ventilation, gas lines, water lines…. This will minimize delays and allow your builder and everyone else involved in working on your new home to work more efficiently.


If you are remodeling your existing kitchen, we will come to your house to field measure and photograph the existing kitchen layout with its current constraints.  There is no challenge that cannot be successfully addressed to improve the function and appearance of your kitchen and increase the value of your property.  We have very reasonable contractors that we work with that can give you a quote on any additional work that may need to be done, including drywall repair, painting, tearing down or adding walls and built-ins, etc.

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